An annual pilgrimage


You know Fall has arrived when the signs go up for the seasonal fair. It’s hard to resist the lure of cotton candy, cute piglets, rides and, um, a monster truck rally.



There were rides.


There was cotton candy. Pink and blue.


Blue stains your tongue.


There were prizes.


But before all that there were demonstrations by men (farmers?) doing old fashioned things. Like cutting wood. And burning symbols on it. Branding.


And there was this tired, oh so tired — and really, can you blame her? — mama.


But this? Oh man. So cute. It was a typical fall-ish day. Coldish. Wet. A bit dark. We almost decided not to go at all. But I’m so glad we did. We took the chance that even if the rides weren’t running, it would still be worth it to see the animals. And it probably would have been. But the rides were pretty good and it cleared up enough for us to come back later in the evening for the monster truck rally. Which was very loud!

Fluffy candy. A roller coast ride (or two). And cute little piglets. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon with one of your favourite little people.


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