A sweet treat — breakfast yogurt parfaits

I know what you’re thinking. “I already know how to make a breakfast parfait, thanks.” I know. I know! But sometimes we just need a little reminder of this sweet little breakfast option. Especially after rolling out of bed with no desire to make pancakes, waffles or even scrambled eggs. Me = lazy. Enter the breakfast parfait! Crowd-pleaser! Easy! A chorus of “Mom is the best”. I kind of am — I mean, I put sprinkles on something before 8 a.m. sprinkles
And chocolate chips.
Recipe: Easy Breakfast Yogurt Parfaits
Line up enough juice glasses or even wine glasses if you want to be all fancy for everyone in your family. Fill with layers of the following:
Plain Greek-style yogurt
honey (I only used a small swirl in each layer)
granola (this one just used the store-bought one I had on hand, but the recipe over at beauty that moves is stellar. I found out about it through the online Whole Foods course I took over there a while ago).
Top with a judicious (I’m not judging you) amount of sprinkles and chocolate chips.

Enjoy. Relax. Consume with a cup of tea. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.


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