That 70s House

I’m surprised my friend Sonja over at Life on Elm and I didn’t fight over the name of “That 70s House” for our blogs. When you have a house that was built when Pierra Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada, it needs a few renos. Here and there. While Sonja will be detailing a more full scale reno, here’s a sneak peak at my smaller project. And by “I”, I mean that “I” hired somebody to paint my front door. I don’t know what I was so nervous about. It’s just — I’ve never painted a metal exterior door before! Now that I see there’s not much too it, I won’t be so worried for next time.

Now, you’ll see that this isn’t the original door. I think it was replaced maybe 10 years ago and it’s still nice. There were a few chips in the paint though and I’m just tired of the red.



First two coats are on with a third coat slated for next week of the new colour. I need to get some pumpkins to keep my orange-nosed friend up there company and then I’ll post the results.


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