Weekend Comforts


1. Currently making this, but in a turquoise blue. I’m looking forward to knitting something plain next. Something white or pewter gray and easy. Good for snuggling into the couch on a cold night.


2. Pondering whether to get an indoor fig tree. They look so restful. From http://honeywerehome.blogspot.ca

3. Can’t wait to make something from Ricardo’s new slowcooker book that I picked up yesterday. I was at a work event and my booth was set up next to Alison Fryer of The Cookbook Shop fame so it’s hardly surprising that I came home with something. Sitting next to Alison made the day fly by and I highly recommend a trip to her store when you’re next in town.

4. A lemon pudding cake for dessert tonight sounds just about right. I like to make something a little extra special for dessert on Sunday nights. Not the usual yogurt, bananas with milk or applesauce fare.

5. Something like this may solve my problem of where to put all the mitts, and hats that accumulate by the front door.


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