This week in dinners

It’s a bit of a scramble to come up with a weekly plan for meals on a Sunday night, but I know the pain will be well worth the gain when I walk in the door tomorrow night, starving, with two equally starving kids but with the knowledge that a plan is in place.  Here’s what will be on the table for dinner this week:

Monday: gnocchi (not homemade, alas…the kind from the package that cooks in three minutes), with butter, halved-cherry tomatoes, sautéed sliced mushrooms, spinach and for those over the age of five, goat cheese, for those under – cubed mozzarella) + salad

Tuesday: slow cooker chili + sautéed greens and pine nuts on the side

Wednesday: soup, grilled cheese and veggie sticks with minted greek yogurt dip (this must be the easiest dip to make ever — mix greek yogurt with a bit of dried or fresh mint, a spoonful of olive oil, some cumin if your feeling kicky and a generous pinch of salt…it’s dee-lish-ous).

Thursday: wraps with salmon or tilapia, guacamole, shredded lettuce, chopped tomato and lime sour cream + salad

Friday: always pizza + salad night around here. Usually naan bread with toppings and an easy salad to go with the end of week glass of wine.

Saturday: fridge scavenger hunt

Sunday: roasted chicken, lemon potatoes, greek salad

C’est fini.


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